Julija Jankelaityte (JuliaJan)

As an artist, my work is an exploration of the intersections between realism, abstraction, and symbolism. I believe that art should not be limited to the representation of objective reality, but instead should embrace the subjective and emotional aspects of the human experience.

My work is characterized by the fusion of realistic elements with abstract forms and the use of symbolism to convey deeper meaning. The combination of these elements creates a unique visual language that transcends the boundaries of traditional representation and speaks to the viewer on a deeper, intuitive level.

My process is driven by intuition rather than a strict adherence to fact. I let my imagination and emotions guide the creation of each piece, allowing the final result to emerge organically.

Through this approach, I aim to create art that not only captures the viewer's attention but also elicits an emotional response. In conclusion, my art is a celebration of the power of intuition, emotion, and symbolism in creating meaningful and impactful visual narratives. It invites the viewer to look beyond the surface and engage with the deeper messages and emotions at play.


2002-2009 Stanislav Moniuszko School of Art; Art, art history and sculpture course.

2011-2015 London Metropolitan University; Fine Art and Design (BA)



2018 - Studio Baustelle, Berlin, "100 for 100" group exhibition;

2020 - Kitsch, Vilnius, Solo exhibition "Conditions and characters";

2020 - Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, London, charity auction;

2021 - Caudwell children foundation, Monaco "Butterfly Ball Monaco" charity auction;

2021 - Precision Auction house, London, "Annual contemporary art auction"

2021 - Arte Padova Art fair, Padua, Italy

2022 - Les Couleurs Charity Christmas Gala exhibition and auction, Vilnius, Lithuania