Julija Jankelaityte (JuliaJan)



Julija Jankelaityte, a visionary artist hailing from Lithuania, delves into the intricacies of the human condition through her captivating blend of abstract and figurative works.

With a keen focus on the current social landscape, she intricately weaves emotions, nostalgia, and memories into her creations, reconstructing them through abstract shapes and marks that mirror the enigmatic nature of both memory and emotion.

Julija’s art serves as a dynamic exploration of the intersection between classical and modern painting, deftly highlighting the enduring impact of art across generations and decades. Through a mesmerizing fusion of realism and expressive abstraction, she challenges conventional notions of art, inviting viewers to question and redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.

With each stroke of her brush, Julija Jankelaityte invites audiences on a profound journey through the complexities of the human experience, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of contemporary art.

Julija refuses to be confined by the limitations of a singular artistic identity, continuously pushing the boundaries of her craft through experimentation with ever-changing styles and techniques. Embracing the fluidity of artistic expression, she fearlessly navigates through diverse artistic landscapes, incorporating new methods and approaches to her practice.

Her willingness to explore uncharted territories challenges the traditional notion of what it means to be an artist, inviting audiences to embark on a dynamic journey of discovery alongside her. In her relentless pursuit of innovation, Jankelaityte embodies the essence of creativity, inspiring others to embrace change and embrace the infinite possibilities of artistic exploration.



2002-2009 Stanislav Moniuszko School of Art; Art, art history and sculpture course.

2011-2015 London Metropolitan University; Fine Art and Design (BA)



2018 - Studio Baustelle, Berlin, "100 for 100" group exhibition;

2020 - Kitsch, Vilnius, Solo exhibition "Conditions and characters";

2020 - Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, London, charity auction;

2021 - Caudwell children foundation, Monaco "Butterfly Ball Monaco" charity auction;

2021 - Precision Auction house, London, "Annual contemporary art auction"

2021 - Arte Padova Art fair, Padua, Italy

2022 - Les Couleurs Charity Christmas Gala exhibition and auction, Vilnius, Lithuania

2022 - Menas be Stogo annual exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania

2023 - Young Painters prize, Vilnius, Lithuania

2023 - Menas be Stogo annual exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania 

2023 - Les Couleurs Charity Summer Gala exhibition and auction, Vilnius, Lithuania